Cooking for the Family has a new hub in Cincy!

We couldn’t be more excited that our Cooking for the Family program found a new hub at one of the organizations we truly admire, LaSoupe. Their compassion, drive, ingenuity, and desire to bridge the gap between food waste and hunger are changing this world for the better, and we are so grateful to have our program on their robust list of culinary education offerings and utilize food that would otherwise go into waste streams.

And the good news continues… The knowledgeable and passionate chef instructors that made Cooking for the Family so great will continue teaching and continue our partnership with HealthSource of Ohio.  They will be teaching the class as a virtual/in-person hybrid cooking program that can reach even more people around Greater Cincinnati and beyond.

LaToya Bridgeman, Mona Bronson-Fuqua, Jamie Stoneham, Leigh Gorman

Cooking for the Family Goes Virtual this Summer and In-person in August!

Through a grant with HealthSource of Ohio, Cooking for the Family had their first virtual pilot program this past June and will have another one in September. Big thanks to Mona Bronson-Fuqua, one of the great chef instructors of Cooking for the Family, who adapted and virtually taught the program to meet the demands and needs of this current time.… Read more →

Cooking for the Family team is named a finalist for the 2018 Inspire Healthcare Award

Our Cooking for the Family team were so honored to be a finalists amongst such inspiring organizations in the Health Collaborative’s Inspire Healthcare Awards this year in the category of Gen-H. “The Gen-H Award recognizes an individual, team, or organization that has demonstrated progress on the Gen-H goals of making the healthy choice the easy choice where we live, work,… Read more →

Local Luminary: Snail of Approval

““Learn 8 basic cooking skills, create a full meal to enjoy in class, get fresh produce to take home each class, and receive a cooking kit (cast iron skillet, chefs knife, knife sharpener and cutting board) to take home at the end of the five class series. Each recipe learned features a healthy meal that can feed a family of… Read more →

Impact of Cooking for the Family Program on Self-Efficacy and Usage of Healthy Foods

In partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Center for Clinical Translational Science and Training (CCTST), and University of Cincinnati, Joanna Rebitski entered and analyzed our surveys from our Cooking for the Family Program for her summer internship and found that, “Overall, this study demonstrates that the Cooking for the Family program effectively improves self-efficacy and quality of dietary intake, including lean meats,… Read more →

Turkey Mushroom Burgers – More sustainable and healthier option

According to Eating Well Magazine, “Chefs across the country are cooking up healthier, more sustainable burgers by swapping at least 25% of the meat for mushrooms.” I love this idea!! So I thought I’d try one out. So here’s my version of Mixed Mushroom Turkey Burgers with grilled Haloumi cheese, pickled onions, and lettuce from my garden on a whole… Read more →

Cooking for the Family is Hiring!

Cooking for the Family is hiring 2 part-time chef instructors starting the end of June. We teach 5 week long classes in OTR and all around greater Cincinnati, Ohio. This is a great position for someone already in the food industry that is wanting some extra hours and wants to teach families how to cook healthy and affordably. Download the… Read more →