Cooking for the Family Goes Virtual this Summer and In-person in August!

Through a grant with HealthSource of Ohio, Cooking for the Family had their first virtual pilot program this past June and will have another one in September. Big thanks to Mona Bronson-Fuqua, one of the great chef instructors of Cooking for the Family, who adapted and virtually taught the program to meet the demands and needs of this current time. While we think the best way to build a passion for cooking and a community around food is through hands-on in-person learning, we are all learning how to adapt in this era of our lives. So we are rolling with how to build community, teach about healthy eating/cooking, and stay safe in a new medium.

We will also be starting back in-person classes this August at St. Francis Seraph Ministries, St. Anthony Center location in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio under the direction of LaToya Bridgeman. You can sign up for the in-person class or sign up to volunteer on their website –

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