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We offer a 5-week hands-on culinary program where parents learn how to cook healthy and affordable meals for their family using rescued food (when available). Each student learns 8 different cooking skills, creates a full meal to enjoy during class, and fresh produce to take home. The last class is a celebration where participant’s children or guests can join us, and we all cook together. Each recipe taught can serve a healthy meal to a family of four for under $12. At the end of the five weeks, if the students make 4 of the classes, they also receive a cooking equipment kit (chefs knife, knife sharpener, cutting board, cast iron skillet, and reusable shopping bag) to help participants get started cooking healthy and affordably.

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We are happy for LaSoupe to be our program hub in the Cincinnati area. This inspiring organization bridges the gap between food waste and hunger. With our program being added to their robust list of culinary education programs, we are able to reach more people in the Greater Cincinnati area and beyond and utilize food that would otherwise go into waste streams.

We don’t currently have any public classes scheduled, but if you are interested, please fill out the form below and as soon as we have one available we will reach out. Thank you for your interest.

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