Impact of Cooking for the Family Program on Self-Efficacy and Usage of Healthy Foods

In partnership with Cincinnati Children’s HospitalCenter for Clinical Translational Science and Training (CCTST), and University of Cincinnati, Joanna Rebitski entered and analyzed our surveys from our Cooking for the Family Program for her summer internship and found that,

“Overall, this study demonstrates that the Cooking for the Family program effectively improves self-efficacy and quality of dietary intake, including lean meats, vegetables, herbs/condiments, and pantry items, thus demonstrating that educating individuals in food preparation and cooking can play a role in increasing their consumption of healthy foods.”

In fact, she found that overall consumption from all categories (meats, vegetables, herbs/condiments, and pantry items) has a significance of .000.  In non-statistical terms, this is the best that a significance level can be! To read the full poster presentation click here.

We are so proud of our chef instructors, volunteers, sponsors, and donors who help to make this program possible! We are so thankful to our students who have joined us on our journey to help generations learn how to cook affordably and healthy for their family. And also a huge thanks to Joanna and Stacey for doing all of the analysis on our program.

Our journey doesn’t stop here though, we are continually updating and upgrading our program to fit the needs of the communities we work with! We encourage everyone to join us as a student, volunteer, sponsor, community partner, donor, etc.!

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